Outline of CCAIHSS

The School came into being in 1842 AD during the historic days of the East India Company.

The land was gifted by (late) Mr. Thomas Parker Waller to build a Church. In the year 1844, two Schools were established which were known as the Mount Road District Schools.

Boys and Girls were taught separately. The Highest class was the Fourth Form. The Schools were recognized by the government as Middle Schools. The Subjects taught were Scripture, Catechism, History of Greece or Rome, Composition Writing, Dictating, Syntax, Book Keeping, Mental Arithmetic, Hindustani and Tamil.

The Schools were merged into single school in 1905 and was recognized by the government as European School.

With the help of grants from the British Government and the European School Improvement Association a new block consisting of five class rooms was added in 1928 at a cost of Rs.40,000/-

In 1947 the School was raised to the status of high school and, since then the School has justified its existence by serving the community and others in the vicinity.

With the introduction of the Higher Secondary Section from the academic year 1985-86 the history of the school is complete, to serve the student community.

The School celebrated its 150th Anniversary in Nov. 1993 and 175th Anniversary in August 2016.