CCAIHSS - History

The origin of the school can be traced back to the year 1842 A.D. during the historic days of the English East India company, when a proposal was first mooted to start schools in the Mount Road District to cater for the educational needs of the locality and a memorandum was submitted to the Government for financial aid but the reply was not encouraging. Thanks however to the generous offer of Mr.Thomas Parker Waller to bestow premises for the construction for the place of worship Christ Church, and school, the foundations for the schools were well and truly laid in 1842 A.D. the Rev.R.Carver firmly established two day schools, an English school and a Tamil school on the present premises of the school in the year 1844 A.D., and the school were designated Mount Road District Schools.

In July 1850 A.D. there were 120 children exclusive of the schools attached to the Tamil Medium. The boys and girls were taught separately and there were four classes on each side. The upper department of the boys was under Mr.C.Durnford, the Headmaster. The top class was the Fourth form in which, Scripture, Catechism, History of Greece or Rome, Composition, Mental Arithmetic, Hindustani and Tamil were taught. The upper department of the girls was under Mrs.C.Sanderson, the Headmistress.

In 1865 the Rev.W.Welsh arrived from England to take over the Chaplaincy of Christ Church and the school was in as bad position, financially, as it had been from its foundation, and a determined effort to obtain Government support for a Grant-in-aid ultimately succeeded. The schools were ranked by the Government as Middle Schools. In the year 1871 when the Government introduced its scale of fees, about two-thirds of the community for whom the school was intended could not pay the new rate of fees and the attendance never rose above 60, though the cost of the schools remained as before.

Canon E. Sell was asked to make a report on the schools and in July 1872 in accordance with his suggestion it was resolved to reduce them to the position of a Lower School or a Ragged School, with Mr.Thomas as the Headmaster for the Boys Section and Miss.Augusta Evers as the Headmistress for the Girls Section.

In the year 1874 Mr.McDonald, Inspector of European Schools, reported that ‘what was needed for the Mount Road District was a “Poor School” requiring no fees in which the poorest children could receive an elementary education.’ Accordingly a house in Narsingapuram was secured at a monthly rental of Rs.16. as a ‘Poor School’ and to this poor school the poorer children were drafted. This measure seems to have had the effect of closing the Boy’s School in the church compound, for in October 1874 the Rev.J.Barton, Chaplain of Christ Church, brought to the notice of the Vestry the fact that ‘there were a considerable number of boys in the district who would be glad to avail themselves of prosecuting their studies in a school of a higher standard than the existing poor school.’ The Chaplain was therefore empowered to engage the services of a competent Headmaster with a view to the school being opened on the 15th January 1875 and Mr.T.Cantervisscher was appointed as Headmaster.

In the Year 1879 the Rev.W.Johnson, a CMS Missionary from Travancore, become the Chaplain of Christ Church and in September of that year Miss.Evers resigned her post as Headmistress of the Girls Section. Again in 1879 the financial position of the church was a matter of anxiety, the Day School had always been a great drain on the resources of the church and ‘it was urged at the Vestry they were entitled to look for a much larger measure of help from Government towards the expenses of the Poor School’,

In February 1880 in consequence of the resignation of the Headmaster of the Boys’ School and the difficulty of securing a ‘competent and permanent’ successor, the middle classes in the Boys’ school were suspended and the Girls’ and Boys’ Schools were reformed into a mixed school under a Headmistress, three assistant teachers and a matron.

In August 1880 there was a proposal before the Vestry to add a wing to school building in the church compound, with a view to providing sufficient accommodation for both the day school and the poor school at an estimated cost of Rs.1800 but this project was never carried out. In the summer of next year 1881 a house in Narsingapuram was bought at a cost of Rs.7000 which after sometime began to house an Indian school till 1924.

Such were the vicissitudes through which the school had passed successfully during their latter half of the 19th century.

At the beginning of the 20th century the school was once again reorganized and the Government recognized it as a European Middle school under code of Regulations for European Schools in 1905 with Miss.Thompson as the Headmistress vide Rc.No.1107, dated 14th October 1905.

With the resignation of Miss Thompson in 1909, Miss.Emma Evers, who afterwards became Mrs. Inglis, was appointed as Headmistress.

In 1911 the Parish hall was built, thanks to the endeavors of the Rev.Norman Bennett, to serve the needs of both the parish and the school, the School’s finances continued to be a source of anxiety to the select Vestry and during the time of Rev.F.B.Heiser and Rev.T.H.Butlin the Select Vestry had to think seriously of the possibility of reducing the school to primary grade, unless the Cathedral, St.Matthias and St.Mary’s Church, Fort St. George, made substantial annual contributions towards the school funds, for Christ Church School catered not only to the educational needs of the children of Christ Church parish but also to those of the other parishes mentioned. The Bishop of Madras, Dr.E.H.M.Waller, took a sympathetic view of the situation and made a handsome contribution from the Diocesan funds and the Cathedral Church of St.George’s did likewise and the school was thus kept going.

With the arrival of the Rev.A.Forman Cox from England in 1926 a silver lining was seen on the horizon. He found an utter lack of accommodation in the school, as the classes were being conducted inside and outside on the verandah of the Parish Hall, and he therefore realized the need for the extension of the school buildings. A new block in the year 1928, at a cost of Rs.40,000 consisting of five class rooms was built with the help of grants from government and the European Schools Improvement Association.

The Rev.J.A.V.Latham took over the Chaplaincy of Christ Church in 1931 and he and his immediate successor, the Rev. Dan Walters had to build against the heavy overdrafts still hanging over the school like the sword of Damocles and succeeded in stabilizing its finances. Their work of improving, augmenting, and husbanding the resources of the school was continued by a band of distinguished laymen, the late Mr.R.W.Theobald, Dr.P.V.Cherian and Mr.V.A.Azariah who successively filled the responsible position of the Hon.Treasurer of Christ Church select Vestry; and it was due partly to their labour that the new and stately block facing Mount Road was erected.

In spite of all these additions to the school buildings, the school continued to be a serious drain on the church funds, and the results at the Government European Schools Examination was not that encouraging.

The Rev. Dan Walters and the Select Vestry thereupon thoroughly reorganized the staff and the wisdom of their action bore fruitful results, far beyond expectations, for at the Government Middle School Examinations held at the end of 1936 out of nine candidates sent up eight were successful, results unheard of unparalleled in the annals of Christ Church School, Mr.H.F.Saunders, the Inspector of European Schools, who was also Chaplain’s Warden at Christ Church, wrote to the Rev. Dan Walters, Chaplain , congratulating the Headmaster and his staff on the excellent results produced. The results at the public examinations since that day have ranged from 90 to 100 percent and successive Inspecting Officers, Mr.H.F.Saunders, Miss.C.M.Cavanagh and Mrs.A.Suares have spoken and written in glowing terms of the high level of efficiency the school has attained.

From 1938 onwards the same high standards have been maintained with increasingly better results in the public examinations.

The year 1947 is a landmark in the history of the school, for in that year to the great delight of past and present students of Christ Church School, their parents, friends and well-wishers of the school it was raised to the status of a High School. Ever since that day our High School has thoroughly justified its existence by its remarkable result in the Public Examination and has been making steady and sustained progress.

In 1949 at the closure of St.George’s Cathedral School their scholars were brought to Christ Church School and the present strength was 400 pupils with a Headmaster and 14 members of staff.

It is a matter for profound thankfulness to God that from a ragged school a century ago, it has today become one of the most popular and leading High Schools in City of Madras.

Mr.JohnV.Asirvatham, Principal, an able educationist and an administrator brought the School to the limelight, upgraded it as a High School (1946). Rev. Dr.A.J.Boyd, Principal of Madras Christian College, paid a tribute to the working conditions of the School and the excellent results produced in the public examinations and appealed to the Government to consider the special contribution the Anglo Indian School have been making to the cause of education and pleaded for liberalizing the Grant in Aid the years to come.

In 1953 N.C.C Air Wing Junior Division was started in the school under the command of Cadet Officer D.Perry. In 1953, Std X produced Cent Percent results.

In 1959, Mr. David Samuel become the principal of the school, when Mr.John V.Asirvatham, Ex-Principal and Correspondent, passed away on June 30,1959, Mr.David Samuel’s period saw splendid development in curricular and extracurricular activities.

Christ Church School staged Shakespearean Dramas enacted by school students, past and present, every year at Museum Theatre and Children’s Theatre, such as Macbeth, Merchant of Venice, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Twelfth Night, all directed and produced by Mr.David Samuel. “Rivals and Arrivals,” and “Here, There and Everywhere,” Musical Mime by the Senior Students were also directed by Mr. David Samuel. Dr.Colin L.Raymond, Correspondent of the School on date was the chief Actor in all his Shakespearean Dramas.

In 1967 a variety entertainment programme was organized in aid of Bihar Famine Relief Fund. Our School’s “Dong Long Block” was dedicated by Rev. D.B.Long and declared Open.

In 1966, the School Safety Patrol(RSP) was inaugurated by Mr.M.D.Paul, Director of Secondary Education. Christ Church School was the first school to be commissioned in Traffic Patrol in South India. It consisted of 52 pupils-28 boys and 24 girls.

In 1969, Our School Adopted the “M.V.Maratha Progress” under the Ship adoption scheme at Madras Port Trust. A Ceremony was held on board the ship and colours were presented. Other Spectacular events every year during Mr.David Samuel’s tenure of office, was International Evenings; which were attended by delegates from various countries.

In 1975, Mr.V.Abraham, who was a talented Church organist, became the Principal, during his tenure of office, the school has seen very many remarkable changes in its curricular and extracurricular activities. Student’s inquisitive mind was kindled by him through various competitions, which were conducted by him systematically and periodically every year such a Quiz, Painting, Elocution, Science, Essay, Fancy dress, Dictation, Egg Shell Competitions, programmes such as Magic Show, Sponsor Walk, Music Recitals, Exhibitions on Science, History, Moral Science, Hobbies, Tamil, Hindi, Physical Education, etc., directed and staged plays such a King David, King Solomon, Moses on School Prize Days. He also conducted General Knowledge Tests for students. He Organized Educational Tours to Delhi, Kashmir, Agra, Bombay, Bangalore, Goa, Hyderabad, Andaman Islands, Trivandrum and the whole of Tamil Nadu during his office.

The Annual Musical Recital programmes were conducted from 1986 onwards with the help of Women’s Christian College Choir, Garrison Church Choir, St.George’s Cathedral Choir, which attracted music lovers in the city during every Christmas season. Our school took part in various All India Radio Musical Programmes through Mr.V.Abraham.

In 1984, the Christ Church Pastorate decided to have the Chaplain of the Church as the Correspondent of the School, Which was approved by the Department.

In 1985, the Rev. H.S.Thanraj, Assistant Bishop in Madras unveiled the Memorial Tablet of Dr.Miss.E.A.Michael on whose bequest the Higher Secondary Block was built in 1986 Higher Secondary Class room on Don Long Block was dedicated. The High School was upgraded to Higher Secondary status with Commerce and Vocational groups. The open Air stage was dedicated. The Thomas Parker Waller Memorial Nursery School was inaugurated with Mr.V.Abraham as the Honorary Superintendent.

On September 26, 1989, Mr. David Samuel Ex-Principal passed away. A Memorial Service was held on October 27, 1989.

A Computer Section was inaugurated in our Institution for Pupils from Std III to Std XII, On August 10, 1992 by Mr.V.Abraham, Ex-Principal, and the same was presided over by Dr.John Joseph, Founder President, Christ for Every Soul.

The List of State Rank holders are mentioned below.

On February 28, 1995 Interact Club Sponsored by the Rotary Club District 3230 was inaugurated in our school. Mr.R.Richard Harrison, P.G.Assistant became the Faculty Councilor of the Club.

On First September 1995, Mr.W.G.Shepherd; the Headmaster in-charge Headmaster handed over the office of Headmaster to Mr.K.John Freddy the newly appointed Headmaster from Madras Christian College Higher Secondary School, Chetput ,Chennai-34.

In September 1995 a contingent of 31 students were sent to participate in the Aerobics in the South Asian Federation Games.It was well appreciated by the audience.

In August 1997 and 1998, Our School Hosted the Anglo Indian Inter School Athletic Meet on Rajaratnam Stadium, Egmore, and Chennai-8. All the Anglo Indian Schools in Tamil Nadu Sent their Contingencies. It was a grand show.

On May 31, 1998, Mr.W.G.Shepherd, Science Teacher for about 29 year in our school, who acted as the Headmaster-Incharge ever since the retirement of Mr.V.Abraham in 1992, retired.

At our school Prize Day function organizes on 12th September 1998, Rev. Dr.John Joseph, Founder, and the President of Christ for Every Soul Trust announced about an Endowment of Rs.10,000/- towards the cost School Day Prize Books and gave a Cheque for Rs.10,000/-

Thasneem Banu and Susan Chambers of Std XII scored State Rank 200/200 in Commerce in 1998. On 31st May 1999 Mr.T.Renaux (Jayasingh) Middle Grade Teacher retired after long period of 29 years of service to the school.

On the Teacher’s Day in 2000 Our Headmaster Mr.K.John Freddy received the Dr.Radhakrishnan Award for best Teacher from the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr.M.Karunanithi.

The School’s Parish Hall and the adjacent school Office Building, School Kitchen were demolished for the purpose of building a three storied school building to house all the class rooms from Std I to XII at an estimated cost of around Rs.70 Lakhs. The Building project was completed after a span of four years and at a cost of R.1.20 Crores, and the new Building was dedicated by the Rev. Dr.John Joseph on 11th June 2001. There are Fifteen Class Rooms.

School Hall is in the Ground Floor. Stds I to V on the 1st Floor. Stds VI to X on the IInd Floor and the Higher Secondary Section on the IIIrd Floor. The Science Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Computer Science and the Library are housed in the Don Long Block the adjacent Building to the new Building. The long pending prayer request was thus blessed by our Lord.Glory to His Name.

Mr.S.A.Rajkumar, the Head clerk after a long service for 34years, retired in November 2001 and the Headmaster Mr.K.John Freddy retired on 31.5.2002. Mr.R.Richard Harrison took over as Headmaster In-charge from 1st June 2002. In 2002, August, The Road Safety Patrol (RSP) was reintroduced in the School after a span of 25 years. Our RSP 100 Students took part in a Function organized by the Traffic Police Tamil Nadu on 29th November 2002 under the guidance of out PET Mr.Y.Jacob. The City Commissioner of Police Mr.Vijayakumar gave our School First Prize for the ‘Best March Past’ and Mr. Jacob retired after 25 years of service on 31.5.2003. Jasantha Joyce Jacob of Std XII Scored State Rank 200/200 in Commerce in 2003. Mr.R.Richard Harrison became the Headmaster on 26.3.2004. In June 2005, Scouts/Guides was reintroduced in our School under the guidance of Mr.J.James, the P.E.T. Our School is affiliated to the East Chennai Bharath Scouts and Guides, for which we opened our premises to have its ‘Den’.

The Thomas Parker Waller Memorial Nursery School has moved into the newly renovated premises after a Dedicated Prayer by the Rev. Dr.John Joseph on 10.9.2005, our Schools’ Prize Day.

Vishal Dhanwani of Std XII scored 199/200 in Accountancy in 2006. Mr.Colin L.Raymond, Hon Secretary and People’s Warden of our Board of Management became the Hon. Correspondent of our Institution in 1994 by the unanimous support and resolution of the General Body of Christ Church, under whose guidance and administrative excellency, the schools advanced from strength to strength. He was an able Administrator, Thinker, Social Worker, and Disciplinarian, a loving and kind hearted man. He was conferred upon a Doctorate Degree in Divinity (D.D) in September 2006 recognizing and acknowledging his selfless and sacrificial services rendered to the community and the institution at Christ Church. Our School is very proud of having him as our Correspondent.

Our School in every Academic year, Conducts Vacation Bible Classes(VBS) after the Academic work in April/May, Educational Tour during Michaelmas Holidays, Founders Day in November and Juniors Sport Meet in February.

Apart from the Academic works of Headmaster, Mr.R.Richard Harrison is teaching a total of 28 periods per weeks, Commerce and Accountancy for the students of Std XI and XII and produced centum results.

Our School has been a tremendous source of service in the field of education from 1842 A.D and is facing like any other Anglo Indian Institution for the axe has already begun to fall on our working conditions, syllabus and identity.

The School has Few Endowment funds as detailed below.

1968 Batch of Students Rs.3000/- School Day Prizes for Std X students scoring First Mark in English in Memory of Late Mr.E.Narayanamoorthy, Ex-student, Science prize in memory of late Mrs.Noreen Shandy, Ex-staff, History & Geography prize in Memory of late Mr.David Samuel, ex-Principal.

Christ Church old Students Rs.10,000/- towards the cost of School Day Prize Books.

Rev. Dr.John Joseph’s Funds Rs.10,000/- scripture prize for Std.X and XII and the cost of School Day Prize Books.

Mr.S.Veeraraghavan’s FundS Rs.15,000/- towards the first ranking Anglo-Indian Students in Tamil in Std.XII.

Mrs.G.Swarna Rs.3000/- art Prize in memory of late Col.K.J.Raju.

In September 2014, Rev.Dr. R. Richard Harrison , ex-Headmaster, has been appointed by the Christ Church Select Vestry to be the Chaplain of Christ Church, and the Correspondent of Christ Church Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Chennai -2 and during his tenure of office the school is producing Centum results.

Total Strength for the Academic Year: Higher Secondary Approved Groups

We Thank God for the devoted Services of the Chaplains, Correspondent, Members of the Board of Management, Headmasters, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff. The School is 175 years old and is battling to do its best to bring forth the little ones and shape the destiny of our nation.
May God Bless!